Novel and Sustainable Pathways of Biomass Production - Szczecin - Kobylanka, 19-20 September 2018

Challenging and competitive market conditions in the European bio-economy have led to increasingly intensified agricultural cultivation practices. However, these practices have had ecologically adverse impacts such as high nitrate leaching, excessive soil erosion, and the loss of insect and bird populations in agricultural areas.

Hence, a reorientation of agricultural management practices that provides increased production and utilization of natural resources as well as ecological sustainability is needed. This conference highlights the latest international research on biomass plants that can be used help to mitigate some of these ecological challenges. Particular focus will be given to the plants Sida hermaphrodita and Silphium perfoliatum, highlighting their productivity, potential uses, open research questions, and management experiences.

Registration and Contact

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The participation in the conference is free.

Call for Posters:
Participants are invited to present a poster on their research into biomass production. Please submit an abstract (up to 200 words) to Magdalena Sobolewska (see above).

Authors of eligible abstracts will be invited to bring a poster to the conference.

How to get to Szczecin

VBB Berlin-Stettin-Ticket
Bus Berlin Szczecin (Stettin) im Bahn Vergleich

Hotel Wenus, Szczecińska Street 21
73-108 Szczecin - Kobylanka, Polan

Program and further information please refer to the conference flyer