SidaTim Presentation on the 3N-Eco-Innovation-Congress 28th and 29th June 2017, Papenburg, Germany

This presentation was hold in the session "RESOURCES AND BIOECONOMY | Biomass, wood and cellulose"

Ecoinnovations from biomass The aim of the congress was to provide an international platform for the exchange of knowledge about the bio-economy in the non-food sector and to discuss strategies for an efficient material utilization and energy recovery from biomass and residues according to the concept of a closed substance cycle. In order to achieve the global and national climate protection targets by 2050 special efforts were required by all sectors of the economy. Sustainable and eco-friendly products and procedures on the basis of biomass and residues play an essential role in this context.
Presentations were made on successful bottom-up concepts and current findings from research and practice. Companies have presented »eco-innovative« product developments.
In addition to the presentations there was be poster exhibitions and opportunities for networking with different discussion forums.