SidaTim consists of eight Work Packages:

  • WP1 Assess growth performance of Sida hermaphrodita and Silphium perfoliatum at experimental field sites
  • WP2 Analyse and test biochemical and structural compounds of Sida for industrial use, focusing on its fibre compounds
  • WP3 Assess the competitive and invasive potentials of Sida as well as biodiversity effects
  • WP4 Assess existing valuable timber trees and perform a potential study on valuable wood in a model region
  • WP5 Assess 3D tree structures and the above-ground C-sequestration potential of trees using Terrestrial Laser Scanning technology
  • WP6 Assess soil carbon sequestration
  • WP7 Economic evaluation and modelling of the assessed management systems
  • WP8 Project coordination + Public Relations